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Real Collectors

We love the media and we care about the critics but at the end of the day, here’s what people who bought and tried the wine have to say about David Family Pinot Noir. (Real comments sent via email and Facebook).

" A friend of mine and I tasted your 2011 Anderson Valley Pinot for the first time this weekend and we were AMAZED at the quality of the wine.... in fact my friend said it was the best wine she ever drank. The only problem is that we ran out and had to drink a bottle of Flowers after... it didnt hold up to yours at all... I cant wait to enjoy some more soon. Thanks for the great product!"

San Jose, CA

“Holy shit! OK, I am not trying to be overly dramatic but that Pinot was amazing. We have gone through 6 bottles already. My wife and I can’t help ourselves.”
New York, NY

“I own an Italian restaurant. I only serve Italian wines. And now, I serve David Family on the wine list. Go figure, it’s just that good!”
Sag Harbor, NY

“I saw someone said it was pornographically good. Correction, it is pornographically great.”
San Francisco, CA

"David Family Pinot Noir, must try, own, enjoy!"                                                                                                                                                               San Carlos, CA

“I mean it. This is one of the best Pinots I’ve tried. No, I really really mean it. But maybe you better send me a few bottles more so I can be sure. Thanks.”
Los Angeles, CA

“My son loved the wine. I bought it originally because his name is David, I had no idea he would be this pleased. We just ordered more for our family Thanksgiving.”
Raleigh, NC

"The wine....O my!. Michelle..I thought the 07..Marylin was great..the 06 Audrey good..this 2010 Anderson Valley is the best of both worlds. The color is lighter than the 07 but it's so much spicier than the 06. Great job. I'll be talking about this one for a long time...".

New York, NY

“Not your typical Pinot Noir. Incredible mouth coating feel. Legs on the glass are like the Bellagio light show at Las Vegas. A bit tannic, but still so young. This is a big time Pinot. For anyone who prefers Cab, you have to try this one. For those who enjoy the lighter style strawberry driven Pinots… 07 is not for you. For me it's outstanding.”
Queens, NY

"My wife was visibly and vocally displeased with my decision to spend so much on a case of wine. My attempt to rationalize that she spends more on a pair of shoes went nowhere. It wasn’t until I poured her a glass that I was forgiven. A week later she ordered me a second case. Thank you!"
New York, NY

“I’m not a connoisseur I just know I love your wines.”
Atlanta, GA

"This is a ridiculously luxurious Pinot from one of my favorite producers in north america. Made in minuscule quantities (which make most boutique Burgundy producers look like multinational corporations), this wine is a hedonist’s treat. Looking ever so sexy right now, this is a brilliant wine and one which will be beautiful for another 5-8 years. I showed this at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic last month and it went down a storm."                                                   Tooting Bec, UK

"This is a very beautiful and elegant wine inside and out. It's balanced, sophisticated, and unique. The embossed and hand applied leather label is a fabulous touch. Would make a great gift in terms of presentation, great story behind the wine and quality product that even a picky palate would find truly enjoyable to consume. The only downside is that it's a really small boutique production so it could easily run out once folks start to discover it. Luckily I already have my bottles..."

Los Angeles, CA