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There were no family vineyards to inherit. David Family Wines was built the old fashioned way, from scratch. One person with a dream, armed with gumption, a curious palate and all of her savings, Australian founder, Michelle Reeves, set out to produce one thing, incredible Pinot Noir.

Intrigued by its uniquely nuanced flavors, Michelle developed an obsession for Pinots in her early twenties. In 2003, a time when the market was seduced by big, rich Cabernets, Michelle was tasting Pinots from across the globe and along the California coast in search of perfection. She found it in Anderson Valley and the Santa Lucia Highlands.


David Family released its first ever vintage, a 2006 Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands, in late 2009. Named in honor of her father, David, a tremendously positive spirit who, like the Pinot Noir grape, rises above every challenge in life striving to be the best he can be. Each vintage, dedicated to her small but very close family, David Family Wines represents the core values of Michelle's family: to never be undone by the elements and never be afraid of hard work.


Today, Michelle releases every bottle in the hopes that one day there will be wines for her children to inherit and a legacy to be proud of.


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