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We make one thing, Pinot Noir.


Sommelier, Wine Director Quintessentially,
UK, North America

“This is my "FIND OF THE YEAR” and a wine destined to become a cult classic once word gets out.”

If we don't love it, we won't release it.  We stand behind our promise to produce exceptional Pinot Noir. It's the most demanding of all wine grapes and in return, we demand the most from it. Since the first 2006 vintage we've scrutinized the wine in barrel and bottle after months, often years of aging. Our wines are released when perfected, not on accounting driven sales cycles. In the end, the wine speaks for itself. 

We are proud to produce small quantities of Pinot Noir each year from two of California's most sought after regions. Known for their distinct climates; the cool air of Anderson Valley and the warm sunshine of the Santa Lucia Highlands, we love the unique differences of these two wines. 


ANDERSON VALLEY: The unique hillsides, cool marine climate, and long Indian summers enable the production of bright, fragrant, Burgundian-style Pinot Noir. A small and scarce geography, this is one of the most coveted Pinot growing regions. We love the refined and elegant flavors with lighter and more intricate notes. 


SANTA LUCIA HIGHLANDS: Perched high above the Salinas Valley, the Santa Lucia Highlands is a crown jewel of California Pinot Noir. We love the intense fruit character, rich aromas and decadent flavors of the grapes coming out of this area. The Santa Lucia Highlands enjoys one of California’s longest growing seasons, giving the grapes optimal time to ripen slowly and develop complex flavor profiles balanced with graceful minerality.


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